Career Center Focus

The core of services rendered to individuals of all ages is…


Achieving of one’s full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity and a grasp of the real world…

…that leads to self-development & growth in order to become the best person that one can possibly be.

Objectives & Goal

Facilitate and assist individuals to identify, find and secure a dream job which implies…

  1. Deciding on and select a future career path,
  2. Compile a jobs demarcation map,
  3. Initiate and maintain an accountable career path preparation strategy,
  4. Develop, initiate and sustain a career path GPS,
  5. Avoid – or at least limit – the destabilizing effect of Future Shock.

Key Areas of Focus

The taxonomies primarily employed to facilitate self-actualization and resulting career path decisions, preparation and excelling are…

  1. Archetype Taxonomy (personality)
  2. Habitat Taxonomy (interest)

…within the context of responsible self-determination.

FOCUS: To encourage every individual to energetically pursue productive driven & conative directive actions!

Archetype Taxonomy

Use a chronological scale to statistically indicate personal, professional & learning style archetypes in terms of…

  • What energize and/or triggers action (E/I-dimension)
  • Trusting the source and value of data collected (S/N-dimension)
  • Information processing & digesting preference (T/F-dimension)
  • Application & usage of information to interact (P/J-dimension)
  • Favored composition of action models (LB/RB-dimension)

Habitat Taxonomy

Use a combination scale for preferred habitat guiding-demarcations, specifically targeted at a place of work

  • Social (S-dimension) Investigative (I-dimension)
  • Enterprising (E-dimension) Methodical (M-dimension)
  • Creative (C-dimension) Realistic (R-dimension)


Feedbacks – sourcing from choice & decision dynamics – focus on…

  1. Archetype equilibrium : Depending on context, use the faculty best suited for the circumstances. For example… T/F more balanced for math when T > F and more balanced for Art when T < F.
  2. Habitat balance : S ⇔ I, E ⇔ M and C ⇔ R are balance-scale opposites.
  3. Symbiosis of Archetype & Habitat: Archetype Extravert statistically prefer & perform better in S E C habitats and Archetype Introvert statistically prefer & perform better in I M R habitats.

Objective is to validate career path guidelines and job demarcation principles.

Decision Phase...

Decide: Which door to open …ANDwalk through!

Decision Making Technique

A lternatives and possibilities. Identify and consider as many options as is realistically possible.

C onsequences, both productive (i.e. gains) and unproductive (i.e. losses) and weigh the pros and cons.

I nformation, data, understanding and knowledge about the context of each option.

P lans and strategies. Make detailed plans for taking ACTion.

A ◦ C ◦ I ◦ P

First Step of Journey


Perspective Vision Choice.

Where Choice culminates in the following Triangle of Career path selection…

Resulting in… vision, mission, value and legacy statements.


Self– and career knowledge and understandings must be calibrated regarding…

    1. Behaviours & Actions
    2. Emotions & Feelings
    3. Skills, Abilities & Competencies
    4. Perceptions & Mind-set
    5. What makes you “Tick” & GPS

Tweak and fine tune… vision, mission, value and legacy statements.

Significance & Value

We cannot start any journey in life – especially a career and professional journey – without a sound framework of reference (GPS) containing principles, directives and a future map.

This allows for an appropriate frame of mind, because watch yourthoughts, they become words; …words, they become actions; …actions, they become habits; …habits, they become character; …character, it becomes your destiny.

We don’t study to become a doctor… we ARE a doctor… who studies to become a great doctor.

Preparation Phase...

Take ACTion to initiate change for growth. Do nothing… and others or circumstances will determine your growth.

Construct a Time Line

Create, establish and maintain a time line highlighting at least the following milestones…

  1. Manage learning, education & training priorities and opportunities.
  2. Prospect & mine professional networking options.
  3. Compile and launch a job search strategy & campaign.


Monitor performance, evaluate progress and correct SMARTly, if and when necessary (both the productive & unproductive).

Excelling Phase...

Strive for perfection by constantly learning how to better enhance strengths, manage weaknesses and establishing SMART actions & SMARTER habits.

Staircase of Growth

When achieving objectives, the growth process (i.e. decide, prepare & excel) gets repeated on a higher level of the self-actualization spiral.

The Skills Pyramid


The modern workplace is characterized by constant and rapid change as a result of exponential technological developments, which give rise to a preparation strategy for doing jobs that we cannot currently predictnor even know that it will exits – making use of competencies (skill & abilities) for solving problems that we presently have no idea about.

Place personal dreams, expectations & ambition in the mix and…

Thus to… avoid the negative impact of future shock by identifying universal principles.

Future Challenges

Since 1981 (as indicated by the published De Lange Report) an educational/workplace gap gradually “enlarged” to the present day employment crisis that essentially centers around…

  • Ridiculously high costs of education & training.
  • Time to find and secure a job for first time workplace entrants average approximately 5 to 7 years.
  • Employers require an average of 3 to 5 years work experience, which none are prepared to provide.
  • The rising and rapid expanding hidden job market.
  • Building a professional networking, long before needing or applying for a job.
  • Establish and sustain a professional reputation to instill employer trust.

Dealing with the Challenge

No matter which of the methods below are implemented… a responsible SWOT-analysis sourcing from reliable assessments conducted are KEY to unveil, responsibly decide on, accountably prepare for and energetically excel at a dream career of choice.

  1. Self-help: Advantage – Internalize & accept responsibility for change. CautionTailor made Google perspective.
  2. Expert Guidance: Advantage – Expanding present horizons and perspectives. CautionSurrender responsibility to others.
  3. 1&2 Combination: Advantage – Best of both & self-determination. Cautioncognitive dissonance.

Self-determination Key

Without self-determination… the future is doomed to a Wild Horse career path and an Oryx career path remains a frustrating illusion and mere wishful thinking, which one day might be a possibility with retirement.

With self-determination… an individualized and personalized vision, mission, value and legacy statements becomes a reality to serve as a reliable launching platform to conduct professional networking, establish a professional reputation and build professional trust.

The result… earning power is no longer determined by a per hour rate (i.e. a market related salary), but determined by the contribution that you can bring to that hour. Thus, getting paid what you are worth.